Ethereal Spring 7

Daj strained her concentration, desperate to keep six glass orbs spinning through the air. Flickering angel light reflected from them, showering the maze of blackboards that »

Ethereal Spring 6

Daj shoved open the ornate silver doors leading to her mother's office, unamused by the grandeur within. The offices of the Grand Magistrates had been created »

Ethereal Spring 5

Daj's feet screamed with every step up the finance building's worn marble stairs. Light from the Angels’ Grave burned into her eyes, and the rhythm of »

Ethereal Spring 4

Cual shivered, awakening from soft, hazy dreams into a shaking, pounding consciousness. A pool of frozen blood lay around her and cold steel manacles cut the »

Ethereal Spring 3

The Blue Lion was exactly the kind of club a sexy pirate would frequent. A mixture of salt, sweat, and sand covered every surface in the »