All that remains of the angels are smoldering corpses.
For uncountable millennia they bathed humanity in light and warmth.
But it is the eternal fate of man to covet that which it cannot control.

The great spider Tren spun a web of deceit goading mankind into treason.
Fernezz, the fallen king, was the first to heed to its words.
He led the charge, raising grand armies to combat their guardians.
Soon Ixcel, the greatest traitor of all, discovered the secret to taking angelic life.
One by one the angels fell, until the light faded and the Eternal Winter reigned.

A time without light,
No, a land without time.
Famine and war gnawed upon every nation.
Extinction beckoned humanity toward the brink.
But even in death the angels fought to protect mankind.
Smoldering light rose from the angels' grave pushing back the decades long winter.
Slowly mankind recovered, forgetting transgressions of the past.
But the Eternal Winter never truly ended.
It slumbers around us unseen and forgotten.
Beaten but not yet vanquished.

The angels fade once more.

January 2017